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Vern Lai

Success Together

Director Consultant

My BusinessI help client to become even YOUNGER and HEALTHIER than their age.

Ideal ReferralYoung mother who is desperately trying to slim down. Who has tried many methods including paying to Slimming center and yet not achieve result.

Top ProductageLOC TR90, a 90 days weight management program that targets on the FATS-related genes.

Top Problem SolvedGet rid of stubborn FATS, including visceral fats that surrounds the internal organs. Improves age-relates chronic diseases including.High Cholesterol, High blood pressure, diabetes and more...

My Favorite BNI StorySmall Durian store owner in Hong Kong whom through BNI, connected with Malaysia Durian exporter and expanded her business with MaoShan durians, which is rare to find in Hong Kong. The owner also extended her business to include other fruits through BNI connection from other countries and became a fruit wholesaler in Hong Kong.

My Ideal Referral PartnerFitness Instructors